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snow-and-resin said: From February still? O.o Did you order through a dealer? I’m waiting on an April order ;_; It’s taking soooooo long.


Yep. And last time I emailed them they said she was in the next batch due to be shipped to them, but so far nothing has come of it. Ugh.

Well, I haven’t learned my lesson. I’m still waiting on my February order from Doll Chateau and I just placed an order for a Dollzone doll. *Waiting intensifies*

Damn zombies spawning in my well lit mine just to spite me.

So many abandoned mineshafts under my tiny vacation island, you guys. Also, freakin’ spiders, bypassing my carefully placed anti-monster fences.

I was going to do homework today but I feel icky and it’s very hot and blargle. I do not feel up to wrangling skeletons in the yard today.

I am very anxious to receive word on Marian. Maybe next week. Sigh.

I should be doing homework or modding Theda but I’m sitting here feeling blargle.

feysfeysfeys said: Is making books difficult in any sense?


I’ve found it pretty straightforward so far, but we’ve started with the simple stuff. I plan to take on a special project as soon as my eyes arrive though and that’ll probably be trickier as the instructor says that leather is harder to work with and I want a leather cover, dammit.

Today I find myself buying doll eyes for non-doll projects. What kind of monster am I become? But my doll knowledge helped me choose eye sizes appropriate to my project so yaaay!

Making books is super fun you guys!

The purple book is the first book I ever made and the black marbled one is the second. I think I won gothest book in class with it.

Tumblr insists on turning my photos on their sides. o0

Watching The Doll Master for the first time. Not sure if feels.